Tuesday, 8 January 2013

20 Crafty Makes

Hello Happy New Year!

I never got chance to tell you all about the great new craft book called 20 Crafty Makes that has been launched in aid of The Stroke Association. I didn't get any spare time before Christmas to write a blog post so here we go ...

You may have noticed me mention on twitter & on here a while back I was one of the lucky designer makers that got picked to have my project featured in the 20 Crafty Makes book. I submitted my sheep button picture you can see it here along with some of the other projects featured.  It really is a great book for all those crafty folk out there and is for an amazing cause all the proceeds from selling the book will be donated to The Stroke Association Charity.

You can buy a copy here on my Etsy shop.

Please let people know about it so we can make as much money as possible for this great charity!


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