Saturday, 21 May 2011

little project

Recently I have been working on a couple of commission projects for a customer
I have done a few similar things before for her, she likes to bring in her children's favourite clothes they have grown out of and have them made into something else like cushions for there rooms, framed pictures etc. I love this idea as it obviously holds a lot of memories for her and her children and to be able to use the new item again instead of just keeping them tucked away in a special box.
Here are a couple of the things I have made for her previously.

The other week Heather brought in one of her daughters favourite dresses she had grown out of. It was a Poppy dress which are adorable, I love the prints around the bottom of the dresses they kind of tell a story. I have always like poppy's designs you can see them on here website here.

So as you can imagine I was happy to try and create something else from the special dress, Heather had asked for a cushion and a framed piece of the fabric. Once I started to unpick the dress it was amazing to see how much fabric was used to make such a small beautiful dress. I made two small rectangle cushions and framed up a section of the printed design i think these will look fab together in Maddie's room.

If you would like to order your own commission please get in touch

Sarah xx


  1. Ohhhh my days this fabric is just delicious. How wonderful turning it in to something new. Great work twinks,. Loves Ionwen X

  2. Lovely work! We often hear of people who have passed on dresses to sisters, nieces and beyond. It's great to be reminded how well they wear, and how much affection they are held in by their owners...
    If you want to cut out the middle man, so to speak, we do also sell our fabrics - there is a small selection here:
    Keep up the good work, all of us at Poppy! x