Thursday, 14 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Today I have finished updating the website - I had hoped to have had it finished last night but my eyes got so tired looking at the computer screen I gave up. But now it is finished so feel free to go and have a nosey here. For the front featured product page I have tried to stick to a patriotic theme for the Royal Wedding. What do you think?

Also here is a new pump bag design I finished last week that is now available on the website. I have to say I think this is my new favourite! So if you have any birthdays for little ones or christenings coming up or even if you are just looking for a nice pump bag for school why not have a browse?

Got lots to look forward to this weekend at Roobarb. The Marsden Cuckoo Festival takes place this weekend it is usually a fab weekend with lots of different things going on throughout the village such as stalls, dancing, face painting and a duck race. If anyone is around Marsden this weekend it is definitely worth popping by. Lets just hope the sun shines!

Sarah xx

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